Philips Cinema 21:9 3D Ready

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La magnifique Cinema 21:9 de Philips, au format pour le moins unique dans sa catégorie, va bientôt entrer dans une nouvelle ère en intégrant la 3D pour la fin de l’été 2010. Si le 16/9 n’est pas encore un standard partout, la marque mise sur le ratio utilisé par les cinémas, le tout désormais plus vrai que nature notamment grâce au système Ambilight. Immersion totale garantie ! Lunettes vendues séparément. Prix non communiqué. À découvrir dans la suite : le clip promotionnel de la télévision, dont l’artiste 50 Cent s’est inspiré pour illustrer le titre “Ok You’re Right”.

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  1. Découvrez également le teaser de Parallel Lines, la nouvelle campagne de Philips :;fmt=22

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  2. Je sais plus quoi choisir :( Si l’image du 21:9 n’est pas amélioré je reste sur le samsung ;)

  3. d’après le magasine “les années laser” (numéro 162), les images d’un blu ray 3D seront moins fluides à l’oeil nu que les images d’un blu ray 2D ; en cause la cadence à 120 images par secondes des blu ray 3D qui n’est pas adéquate avec la cadence de la full hd (1080/24p) ; 120 images/s soit 60 images/sec pour chaque oeil (pas multiple entier de 24)

  4. I purchased this BluRay pleayr this morning at a local retail store. The price was reasonable and it had the Phillips name. At first I thought it may have been a Funai with Phillips branding, but after a little net research I have found it is an authentic Phillips manufactured BluRay pleayr. The pleayr itself is smaller than the cheaper boxes by about 25%, which is nice as it fits snugly on my dresser with my flat screen HDTV. Out of box setup was a piece of cake, startup and BluRay setup was simple. Speaking of startup, it’s quite sprightly, taking about 5 seconds to go from power on to BluRay ready mode. In other words, I can hit the power, take a BluRay disc from the case (in this instance it’s Wall-E ), and it’s ready to go right in the tray. After that it’s 2, maybe 3 seconds and we’re off! I was impressed by it’s response time right off the bat. Now, as to the quality. Wow. BluRay really opens up the world of high definition and takes it to a totally different level. Before this pleayr I had a DVD upconverter, and it looked fairly good on my HDTV. It of course plays at 1080p, but is perfect for any HDTV whether it be 720 or 1080. So back to the movie I used as an example: Wall-E on BluRay and in this pleayr, was enough to take my breath away. Gorgeous colors, clear, crisp image and sharp, precision audio. To say I was impressed is an understatement.Everything just flowed together beautifully. I removed Wall-E from the pleayr and grabbed my Finding Nemo DVD. I wanted to see what it could do for regular DVDs. I put the disc in the drive and waited a few moments, and when the menu popped up, I was surprised. The quality was excellent. Obviously not BluRay quality, but far superior to my old DVD upconverter. Richer colors, great looking picture. So, to sum it up: * Smaller design than cheaper models * Easy Setup * Quick Startup and Load times * Incredible picture quality * Plays DVDs with far superior quality to DVD Upconverter I give it 5 out of 5 stars, with a wholehearted recommendation. This Phillips BluRay pleayr gives you the most bang for your buck. ~J.W.

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